Nanci Griffith Song Lyrics

Tecumseh Valley (Townes Van Zandt)
Ten Degrees And Getting Colder (Gordon Lightfoot)
There's A Light Beyond These Woods (Mary Margaret) (Nanci Griffith)
These Days In An Open Book (Nanci Griffith)
This Heart (Nanci Griffith)
This Old Town (Janis Ian & Jon Vezner)
Three Flights Up (Frank Christian)
Time Alone (Nanci Griffith)
Time Of Inconvienience (Nanci Griffith)
Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown (J. Gilmore/J. Reed)
Trouble In The Fields (Nanci Griffith/R. West)
Trouble With Roses (Nanci Griffith)
Tumble And Fall (Nanci Griffith)
Turn Around (Malvina Reynolds, Harry Belafonte & Allen Greene)
Waltzing With The Angels (Nanci Griffith)
West Texas Sun (Nanci Griffith)
Wheels (Nanci Griffith)
The Wing And The Wheel (Nanci Griffith)
Woman Of The Phoenix (Vince Bell)
Wooden Heart (Fred Wise/Ben Weisman/Kay Twomey/Berthold Kaempfert)
Workin' In Corners (Nanci Griffith)
Year Down In New Orleans (Nanci Griffith)
You Can't Go Home Again (Nanci Griffith)
You Made This Love A Teardrop (Nanci Griffith)
Songs: 124